Cathy Brant

I wish I knew about the Zinn Education Project when I was a classroom teacher 20 years ago! I can only imagine what my teaching would have been like if I knew this amazing resource existed.

The resources are amazing. I use the materials in my teacher preparation courses. I want the PSTs I work with to understand the complexity of histories. Each year when I address Columbus with Rethinking Columbus they are floored. They say to me, “Why are we just learning this now?”

I share with my students, too, the various People’s History texts and they wonder how they can be applied in the elementary classroom. I instantly refer them to the website for all of the amazing resources. I look forward to adding more books from ZEP to my personal and professional collection. They make me a better parent, a better teacher, and a better scholar!

I am so thankful for the Zinn Education Project and encourage you to continue to produce high quality, critical educator resources for early childhood and elementary grade students.