Why I Signed Up for People’s History Lessons | July 10 – 14

A graphic highlighting comments of why people registered for the ZEP site this week. A graphic highlighting comments of why people registered for the ZEP site this week.

Every week we love hearing how people found us and why they’ve signed up to access people’s history lessons from the Zinn Education Project. Below are a few reasons people shared when they registered at our site recently.

I love the Zinn Ed Project. I was informed about it via my teacher education program.    — Mukwonago, Wisconsin
I am developing a climate justice curriculum for middle and high school students.        — Houston, Texas
I live in the state of Florida and there has been an attack by the government on how our history should be presented. I want to show the true history of our people.              — Jacksonville, Florida
I follow the Zinn Education Project on Facebook, and share their posts often.                 — Birmingham, Alabama
It was mentioned at today’s AP training at Howard University. I would love to learn as much as I can for myself, but more importantly, for my students. — Washington, D.C.
Rethinking Schools fangirl! — Tacoma, Washington
I need ideas for my Black history class. — Palm Bay, Florida
I love the Zinn Education Project and want to continue using it in my courses. — Grand Rapids, Michigan
I have used Rethinking Schools resources in the past and have liked the level of student engagement. I am looking to expand offerings to teachers to choose from. — Colts Neck, New Jersey
To add to my students’ curriculum. I live in Texas and we need help. — Boerne, Texas

These are comments from a few of the hundreds of teachers who signed up recently for people’s history lessons from Phoenix, Arizona; Berkeley, California; Broomfield, Colorado; Miami and Panama City Beach, Florida; Lawrenceville, Georgia; Warsaw, Indiana; Waltham, Massachusetts; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Black Mountain, North Carolina; Buffalo, New York; Greenville, South Carolina; San Antonio, Texas; Norfolk, Virginia, and many more cities.

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