West Virginia, Tell Us Your Story

Last month, West Virginia teachers inspired us with your victorious nine-day statewide strike. From the national media coverage, one of the things that struck us at the Zinn Education Project was the power of teacher stories.

From Oklahoma to Kentucky and across the country teachers everywhere are eager to learn from the recent struggle in West Virginia, and we want to help amplify those stories.

To help share those stories, please respond to one of the questions in the survey below. We will send you a copy of a book by Howard Zinn in appreciation for your time.

We also want to be sure you know about the classroom resources at the Labor section of our Zinn Education Project website. This includes The Power in Our Hands, a valuable out-of-print labor curriculum that we have made available in its entirety at our website for free download.

To receive a free Howard Zinn book — and to help inspire people around the country — please take the time to answer one or more of the three questions below in at least two paragraphs.

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