This Day in History

June 25, 2002: Tamir Rice Born

Time Periods: 2001-
Themes: Criminal Justice & Incarceration, African American, Racism & Racial Identity

Tamir Rice was born on June 25, 2002.

On November 22, 2014, Rice, who was playing with a toy gun, was killed by a white police officer in Cleveland, Ohio who shot him seconds after arriving on the scene.

His family, the search for justice, and all the families of children who have been killed are in our thoughts everyday.

A family photo of Tamir Rice from the fall of 2014.

To address this criminal injustice and crisis with students, we recommend the Rethinking Schools article and lesson, “Happening Yesterday, Happened Tomorrow: Teaching the ongoing murder of Black men” by Renée Watson. For more resources, see Teaching for Black Lives from Rethinking Schools.