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Nov. 28, 1919: Jane Addams and Palmer Raids

Time Periods: 1910
Themes: Labor, Laws & Citizen Rights, Social Class
Jane Addams | Zinn Education Project

Jane Addams in 1915. Source: Tenn. State Library and Archives

On Nov. 28, 1919, Jane Addams said about the Palmer Raids:

Hundreds of poor laboring men and women are being thrown into jails and police stations because of their political beliefs. In fact, an attempt is being made to deport an entire political party.

These men and women, who in some respects are more American in ideals than the agents of the government who are tracking them down, are thrust into cells so crowded they cannot lie down.

And what is it these radicals seek? It is the right of free speech and free thought; nothing more than is guaranteed to them under the Constitution of the United States, but repudiated because of the war.

. . . Let us end this suppression and spirit of intolerance which is making of America another autocracy.