Secret Memo From High School Principals

In New York in the late 1960s, students in the Young Lords and the Black Panther Party were considered such a threat to the establishment that an association of high school principals issued a secret memo about “limits of permissible dissent.” Schools brought in security guards for the first time. Why were these groups considered so dangerous? What “danger” did they pose?

Find out from Johanna Fernández, author of the book in the screenshot above, The Young Lords: A Radical History on Monday, April 25.

She will be in conversation with Jesse Hagopian about the Young Lords, the Puerto Rican counterpart of the Black Panther Party. The dialogue will highlight the multiracial dimensions, innovative strategies, and global solidarities of the Black Freedom Struggle. Read about the online class and register today.

Below are resources for teaching and learning about the Young Lords.

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