Printed Edition of Our National Report Now Available

This month we released a printed edition of our national report, Erasing the Black Freedom Struggle: How State Standards Fail to Teach the Truth About Reconstruction. This report grew out of our campaign to teach Reconstruction — one of the most consequential, instructive, misunderstood, and suppressed eras of U.S. history.

The report includes assessments of education standards in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, along with findings and recommendations for how to improve instruction on Reconstruction.

The first national study of standards on Reconstruction, the report has received substantial media coverage and is influencing discussions about curriculum at the district and state level.

The print version is 44 pages, including the narrative and three sample state assessments. The report is an ideal text for teacher education courses and can serve as a reference for policymakers and historical societies.

Thanks to the generous support of a donor, we can mail copies of the report to teacher educators, state and school district policymakers, and staff at historical societies.

If you work in one of these roles and would like to receive a complimentary copy in the mail, fill out this short form to provide your preferred mailing address and why you are interested. Please be reassured that we do not sell nor share our lists. (The report can also be read in full online and a PDF of the print version can be downloaded from the “About” section.)

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Ten Recommended Reconstruction Standards

Erasing the Black Freedom Struggle includes 10 Points Everyone Should Learn About Reconstruction. These points guided our analysis of state standards and our recommendations for teaching an accurate, usable history of Reconstruction.

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