People’s History Workshops

In 2017, we hired our first full-time organizer to offer people’s history workshops for teachers (with a focus on the Reconstruction era) and to write lessons and articles.

This fall we offered workshops in five cities to help teachers better use our people’s history resources and to knit together face-to-face network of social justice teachers. Now we need your support to continue this work.

We need to raise $10,000 to offer workshops in 10 more cities in 2018. Please give today.

By supporting one another and sharing lessons and strategies with the larger ZEP community, we can begin to challenge the misleading corporate curriculum and the ubiquitous conservative textbooks.

We now have more than 75,000 teachers who have registered to download people’s history lessons from the Zinn Education Project. Imagine how we could transform the teaching of history if we could bring together our ZEP network—and grow to more than 100,000 strong!

Our ZEP organizer, Adam Sanchez, is an editor of Rethinking Schools who has taught high school social studies in Portland, Oregon, and New York City. He recently wrote that we need to help teachers provide students with,

a curriculum that surfaces the moments of solidarity, resistance, and courage that made this a more just, more inclusive society. There are countless stories that are antidotes to cynicism. Let’s tell them.

Please donate generously so we can help organize teachers to transform the curriculum in schools across the country.