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Teacher-led study groups are the heart of the Teaching for Black Lives campaign, based on the Rethinking Schools book by that name.

Learn about them in our new three-minute video on the Teaching for Black Lives campaign.

Last year we hosted 100 study groups across the United States. One teacher noted:

My ideas about the narrative of our country have changed and I am motivated to educate myself about what I didn’t learn in history class so I can better teach my students.

Another wrote:

It was one of the few things I took on this year that added to my resilience, to my sense of community, to my energy to keep going and do the work. The support that came as we worked together was and is invaluable.

And isn’t that exactly what we want?

We need YOUR help to double the number of study groups in the new school year.

Interested in applying to form a study group? Learn how.

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