We Met the 2019 Giving Tuesday Match

Thanks to the support of dozens of individuals, we met the Giving Tuesday Match of $10,000 that was offered by Dave Colapinto, a former student of Howard Zinn’s at Boston University who defends whistleblowers. Colapinto explained why he made the match in 2018 and again this year:

Reading Howard Zinn’s books and attending his lectures when I was in college greatly influenced and provided me with the perspective and understanding to pursue a career as an attorney representing whistleblowers.

I hope that others who have been inspired by Howard Zinn will give what they can to the Zinn Education Project so that they are able to reach many, many more teachers and students in the coming year.

Many people sent notes to explain why they were donating.

This is for my grandkids in hopes that their education will be full of the truth and inspiration that the Zinn Education Project provides. — Stan Karp, Montclair, New Jersey.

In support of Jasmine Lang, a strong elementary teacher for social justice. — Erika Mittag, Cedar Park, Texas

Honoring my mother who “introduced” me to the work and words of Howard Zinn. — Robin Meiklejohn, Ridgway, Colorado

I’m a teacher who uses your materials. Thank you. — Yolette Ibokette, Randolph, Massachusetts

Thank you for providing this marvelous project as a way to document history. I am a veteran of the 1965 civil rights movement in Georgia. My grandchildren and I have discussed my story and now we are slowly writing the facts thanks to the inspiration I have received from the Zinn Education Project. — Throbbing Hearts, Hyattsville, Maryland

In honor of Robert W. Skellan’s passion for learning and social justice. — Rebecca Russell, Spring Hill, Florida

Unlike many education organizations, the Zinn Education Project (coordinated by Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change) receives no corporate donations. We depend on individual donors and family foundations all year long, not just on Giving Tuesday. Read what teachers are saying about the impact of teaching people’s history and consider making a donation today.


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