Giving Tuesday Match Exceeded

Thanks to the support of dozens of donors, we met Dave Colapinto’s 2023 Giving Tuesday match offer. He doubled all donations up to $15,000. Colapinto was Howard Zinn’s student at Boston University and currently works to defend whistleblowers. He said,

Right wing attempts to criminalize and ban the teaching of people’s history make the Zinn Education Project’s work essential.

I am so impressed with how ZEP provides classroom lessons for teachers to offer students a wider perspective on racism, colonialism and imperialism, Reconstruction, climate change, and war and peace. Let’s help ZEP give teachers and students the tools they need to learn and think critically.

Your contribution — small or large — helps ZEP continue its work in response to the right wing’s well-funded censorship and fear campaign.

Don’t let them ban books and prevent students from knowing their history. Please join me in financially supporting the Zinn Education Project — on their 15th anniversary — so they can continue their valuable work in these perilous times. — Dave Colapinto

In fact, not counting the match from Colapinto, we exceeded $25,000 in donations for Giving Tuesday. Comments we received from donors included:

Thank you to everyone at Zinn Education Project for all you are doing and continue to do! Please do not despair and keep at it. I value and appreciate all of your hard work, inspiration, and shared tools in navigating all of this.

As an educator and someone who teaches other educators, I constantly turn to the Zinn Education Project as a resource and guiding light in difficult times. Thank you for all you do.

A Black Education Network is honored to support your powerful work! In the words of Kwame Nkrumah, “Forward ever. Backwards never!” — Debra Watkins, Founder & Executive Director

The Zinn Education Project supports the kind of education I want my grandkids to receive. Keep up the great work! — Stan Karp

Missed Giving Tuesday? It is not too late to lend your support. Please donate today.

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