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Right wing politicians and media outlets are attacking the very heart of the Zinn Education Project — teaching people’s history in classrooms across the country. Officials in at least 44 states have sought — and in many cases succeeded — to enact restrictions on what teachers can say about history and current events.

Meanwhile thousands of classroom teachers refuse to be bullied into lying to children and have pledged to continue to teach the truth.

How is it possible to teach about civics without discussing racism? How will our nation ever move past racism if it can’t acknowledge that it happened in the first place?

—Zach Wilson
Middle School Social Studies Teacher, San Antonio, Texas

We have a responsibility to be more inclusive and truthful to our students — especially those whose cultures have been marginalized in history books for years.


—Daniel Santos
Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Houston, Texas

Providing young people with accurate information about this country’s past is the best way to help them form their own opinions about the present and future and realize their own agency in our society.

—Hayley Breden
High School U.S. History Teacher, Golden, Colorado

To continue to support educators like Zach, Daniel, and Hayley with free people’s history resources we need your help.

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