Challenge People’s History Bans

The Zinn Education Project (coordinated by Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change) supports and defends the right to teach truthfully.

In 2024, with your help, we can:

  • Recruit thousands of teachers to our people’s history network, now 160,000 strong
  • Organize public actions and media to challenge anti-history education bills
  • Develop lessons and offer workshops on environmental racism, McCarthyism, Reconstruction, voting rights, Palestine, and more
  • Engage thousands of teachers in online Black Freedom Struggle classes with people’s historians
  • Form and support 100 more Teaching for Black Lives study groups, with the goal of hosting multiple groups in all 50 states
  • Offer regional workshops for our Reconstruction and Climate Justice campaigns (and new climate crisis timeline, see cover)
  • Promote teacher leadership through the Prentiss Charney Fellowship
  • Distribute free books to classrooms nationally to teach outside the textbook

Please donate to expand our reach in 2024.

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