Beyond “Schools in Crisis”: Teachers and Students on Our Present Realities and Collective Possibilities

Invitation to an event hosted by the Anti-Racist Education Collective, the New Haven Federation of Teachers, and Recovery for All Connecticut.

This online session features the voices too often absent from these discussions: educators and students who share a far more nuanced understanding of what is truly taking place in our schools.
Students and educators understand the problems schools face, and the long-standing conditions that the pandemic built upon and compounded. Their creativity, ideas, and insights are crucial to building a just future for all public schools.

This panel centers the voices of educators and students as we consider:

  • What are the contours of the crises in our schools?
  • How did these conditions precede the pandemic and which aspects are unique to this era?
  • What power can we harness to transform our schools into the ones our students have long deserved?

The event will be held on Zoom with ASL interpretation.

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