50,000 Teachers Strong and Counting

In June, the Zinn Education Project reached the milestone of 50,000 teachers registered to download free lessons that bring people’s history into the classroom.

Our 50,000th registrant: Aitor Luna Olivares.

Our 50,000th registrant: Aitor Luna Olivares.

Our 50,000th registrant was Aitor Luna Olivares, a high school ESL/Bilingual teacher from Madison, Wisconsin.

I signed up because I want my students to hear the voices and perspectives missing from traditional historical narratives and textbooks, and to develop a critical understanding and engagement that empowers them to change their world. The website and the project’s texts offer great, thought-provoking teaching tools to explore a fuller, richer history, and make history classes more engaging, more relevant.

Amber Crotts, a 7th Grade English Language Arts teacher from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was registrant #50,001.

I came across your website and was COMPLETELY amazed by all of the neat information!! The lesson plans were specific and to the point, for any teacher to easily understand and share with students.

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Since our founding in 2008, the Zinn Education Project has grown from 4,000 teachers to 50,000—nearly half of this growth occurring in the last two years.

The outreach has been largely through teachers sharing links with their peers, This Day in History Facebook posts, teacher educator classroom assignments, and online searches for people’s history lessons.

With your support, we are building a community of teachers bringing people’s history lessons into the classroom and reaching millions of students each year.

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