12,000 Teachers Teaching Outside the Textbook

registered-12000We now have more than 12,000 registered teachers teaching outside the textbook.

People come across the Zinn Education Project in all sorts of ways. Jill Stevens from Massachusetts says she found a bookmark in a desk she inherited.

Hector Perez, Mountain View, Calif.: “Mining the net in search of gold nuggets. Found one!”

Grace Mason, Brighton, Mich.: “Through CREDO and some of its supported causes. I’ve read Howard Zinn in my education classes, but no one has ever mentioned an entire project devoted to bettering teaching techniques.”

Some of you, like Rob Haworth, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, are simply “In the know!!!”

However, the strongest form of outreach is word of mouth between colleagues, teachers, professors, school administrators, and parents—thank you for sharing. Mary Naman, from Portland, Ore., says she heard about the Zinn Education Project “from our daughter’s high school social studies teacher.” On the other hand, Carlton Ackerman, Washington, D.C., says he heard about the Zinn Education Project in “an email from an interested and concerned parent.” Katherine Marx, Boca Raton, Fla., says, “I saw the link from a friend whose open-mindedness and kindness I admire.” Susie Adams, a middle school teacher in Columbia, Mo., registered for the Zinn Education Project website because “I was participating in a Missouri Writing Project workshop and a fellow class member showed us this website. It was just what I was looking for.”

Help us reach 20,000 in 2011 by continuing to share the site information, taking booklets and bookmarks to your school meetings and education conferences, and “liking” us on Facebook.

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