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Remember: The Journey to School Integration

Book — Fiction. By Toni Morrison. 2004. 80 pages.
Fictional story and real photographs tell the story of desegregation, for upper elementary and above.
Time Periods: 20th Century, 1961
Themes: Civil Rights Movements, Education

9780618397402Part history, part current events, and part imagination, Toni Morrison’s look at school desegregation in the 1950s and the civil rights movement that followed is all about people: those who put themselves on the line to correct unfairness, to challenge accepted values, and to change the way things were, as well as all of us who benefit from those changes today. The photographs and spare text invite us to put ourselves into this era of change and understand how it felt. They challenge us to ask ourselves how it still feels. [Publisher’s description.]

Appropriate for upper elementary through high school.

ISBN: 9780618397402 | Houghton Mifflin Books for Children