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Pencils Down: Rethinking High Stakes Testing and Accountability in Public Schools

Book — Non-fiction. By Wayne Au and Melissa Bollow Tempel. 2012. Rethinking Schools. 360 pages.
Collection of articles from Rethinking Schools magazine takes high-stakes standardized tests to task.
Themes: Education

This powerful collection from the Rethinking Schools magazine takes high-stakes standardized tests to task.

Despite overwhelming evidence that the tests are invalid ways to measure teaching and learning — and continuing signs of their unjust effects on students and teachers — “reformers” and policymakers continue to force high-stakes tests into the public schools.

Through articles that provide thoughtful and emotional critiques from the frontlines of education, Pencils Down deconstructs the damage that standardized tests wreak on our education system and the human beings that populate it. Better yet, it offers visionary forms of assessment that are not only more authentic, but also more democratic, fair, and accurate.

ISBN: 9780942961515 | Rethinking Schools