Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility

morningsidecenter_logoMorningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility educates young people for hopeful and intelligent engagement with their world.

A national leader in the field of social and emotional learning (SEL), Morningside Center has developed a range of research-based programs that improve students’ social and emotional intelligence — and their academic performance. Through these programs:

  • Students learn to resolve conflicts, stop bullying, handle anger, embrace diversity, and take leadership to improve their communities.
  • Teachers receive professional development to help them teach students these skills and increase their effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Principals, guidance counselors, other school staff, and parents learn strategies to help them make their school a safe, positive and productive learning environment.

Since 1982, they have helped children and adults learn these skills and improve their schools through programs including The 4Rs (Reading, Writing, Respect & Resolution) and Resolving Conflict Creatively.

Their work, once focused only in New York City public schools, has expanded to other school districts around the country. [Description from website.]