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Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions

Teaching Guide. By Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana. Foreword by Wendy D. Puriefoy. 2011.
The uses and methods of the Question Formulation Technique.
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The authors of Make Just One Change argue that formulating one’s own questions is “the single most essential skill for learning”—and one that should be taught to all students.

They also argue that it should be taught in the simplest way possible. Drawing on twenty years of experience, the authors present the Question Formulation Technique, a concise and powerful protocol that enables learners to produce their own questions, improve their questions, and strategize how to use them. Make Just One Change features the voices and experiences of teachers in classrooms across the country to illustrate the use of the Question Formulation Technique across grade levels and subject areas and with different kinds of learners. [Publisher’s description.]

ISBN: 9781612500997 | Harvard Education Press


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Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions: One small change can yield big results. By Dan Rothsein and Luz Santana. Harvard Education Letter. Volume 27, Number 5 September/October 2011. Article about the approach by the authors.

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