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Lies My Teacher Told Me: A Graphic Adaptation

Book — Non-fiction. By James W. Loewen and illustrated by Nate Powell. 2024. 272 pages.
A graphic adaptation of the classic history book Lies My Teacher Told Me.

Time Periods: All US History
Themes: Education

An illustration of prominent people throughout history sitting together at a table.Since its first publication in the 1990s, Lies My Teacher Told Me has become one of the most important and successful — and beloved — history books of our time. As the late Howard Zinn said, “Every teacher, every student of history, every citizen should read this book.”

Now, artist Nate Powell — the first cartoonist ever to win a National Book Award — has adapted Loewen’s classic work into a graphic edition that captures both Loewen’s text and the irreverent spirit of his work. These illustrations bring to life the true history chronicled in Lies My Teacher Told Me, and ample text boxes and callouts ensure nothing is lost in translation. [Adapted from publishers’ description.]

ISBN: 9781620977033 | New Press

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