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Heroes of the Environment: True Stories of People Who Are Helping to Protect Our Planet

Book — Non-fiction. By Harriet Rohmer. 2009. 109 pages.
Presents the true stories of 12 people across North America who are challenging environmental devastation. Written for middle school readers.

Time Periods: 21st Century, 2001-
Themes: Climate Justice, Environment, Democracy & Citizenship

Dozens of books tell children that they, alone, can save the environment by recycling and not littering. While these are important messages, the crisis we are facing requires more. Finally there is a book for middle school readers about people working collectively to address the root causes of environmental destruction.

Heroes of the Environment features environmental activists taking on mountain-top removal, electronic waste, solar power, wetlands, and more. Written by Children’s Book Press founder Harriet Rohmer, Heroes of the Environment includes twelve activists of all ages in the United States and one in Mexico, including:

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  • Debby Tewa, Solar Electrician, Hopi Indian Reservation, Arizona
  • Barry Guillot, Middle School Science Teacher, Destrehan, Louisiana
  • Judy Bonds, Community Activist, Coal River Mountain Watch, Whitesville, West Virginia
  • Erica Fernandez, Student and Environmental Activist, Oxnard, California
  • Will Allen, Founder, Growing Power Community Food Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Sarah James, Spokesperson, Gwich’in Indian People of Alaska and Canada, Arctic Village, Alaska
  • and more.

ISBN: 9780811867795 | Chronicle Books

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