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Beautiful Trouble Toolbox

Themes: Organizing

As our students learn more about the enormity of injustice in the world, they need inspiring stories of activism to keep them from sinking into despair. The Beautiful Trouble website is, well, a beautiful site of principles, stories, tactics, and activist methods toward social transformation.

We believe in people power and the game-changing role that creativity, humor, joy, and mischief can play in the struggle for a better world. . . . We equip social movements with an ever-growing suite of strategic tools and training to help grassroots movements be more creative, effective, and irresistible.

Spending time at the Beautiful Trouble website can present students with countless examples of how people are making — and have made — a difference in the world. A visit to the site can be a part of any unit where we ask students: How can we make this better? [Review by Rethinking Schools.]

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