Rachel Toon (Remote Teaching Election of 1860)

Bill Bigelow’s lesson, The Election of 1860 Role Play, offers a meaningful and memorable way for students to learn about the sectional tensions leading up to the Civil War. I knew I had to dive into the daunting waters of doing a full-on role-play in this distance learning context and offer a step-by-step article to describe how I did it.

Google Classroom screenshot from my lesson. I created five new Google Classrooms and titled them with the mixer roles. My first posts in each of the roles Classrooms were to get the students acclimated to the new Classrooms and jump-start their conversations.

I have organized a walk-through of this lesson with Bill’s words from the original lesson, with my slides and rationale for adaptation. . . . Continue reading “Teaching People’s History Online: The Election of 1860”