People’s History Articles for Elementary and Middle School

We are pleased to share that the widely-used, school-based news service Newsela has adapted five of the Zinn Education Project’s people’s history texts for students reading at elementary and middle school levels.

Educators can now access — for free — these select articles at the original high school level plus four reading levels, ranging from 3rd to 9th grade.

Scroll down to find the five adapted articles and their original forms, plus an adapted Washington Post column by Courtland Milloy that features our materials and their impact.


“Columbus discovered the Taíno people, then tried to erase them”

Original Article | Newsela Adapted

“Life in an internment camp drove Yuri Kochiyama’s commitment to social justice”

Original Article | Newsela Adapted

“What we don’t learn about the Black Panther Party — but should”

Original Article | Newsela Adapted

“The other ’68: Black power during Reconstruction”

Original Article | Newsela Adapted

“Black Abolitionists”

Original Article | Newsela Adapted

“Explaining the Red Summer of 1919”

Original Article | Newsela Adapted

Plus: “Education project aims to set the record straight on historical myths”

Washington Post Article | Newsela Adapted


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