Thank You Teach the Black Freedom Struggle Class Facilitators

We extend our gratitude to the breakout group facilitators who volunteered to make the Teach the Black Freedom Struggle classes so fruitful last year.  

During our monthly classes with people’s historians, participants meet in small groups to process what they’re learning and brainstorm how to bring that knowledge to the classroom. As noted by participants in the reflections below, these discussions deepen the impact of the class, thanks to the support of the facilitators.  

The breakout groups and chat were an awesome way to connect with fellow educators and share resources.

The format was great. I was skeptical of the breakout group, but ended up learning a lot from educators across the country and the world, and I gained some great resources.

Although the size of the forum was incredibly large (300!), it didn’t feel crowded. I like the back and forth between the presenters, and of course, the breakout room allowed us to share and process this information.

Great format. ALWAYS LOVE the breakout rooms and meeting and talking with people from all over the country.

Our breakout room was very well facilitated and rich.

Breakout room was great. I was intimidated to speak. But thanks to the wonderful facilitator, I did.

I almost left before the breakout groups. I am glad I did not because it surpassed my expectations — we had a good conversation, and I appreciated the encouragement to engage with the material and one another.

Our hats off to these these dedicated breakout group facilitators who often volunteer at the end of a full day of teaching. They contribute to the success of the Teach the Black Freedom Struggle classes.

Volunteer Facilitators
2022-2023 Classes

Valencia Abbott

Michelle Albritton

Tamara Anderson

Tiferet Ani

Heather Barcan

Stephane Barile

Natasha Beck

Julita Brown-Dunn

Zo Clement

Lindsey DiTomasso

Hubert Dixon

Betsy Golden

Wendy Harris

Kelly Latimer

Karen Lee

Mark Levy

Heather Lippert

Theresa Maughan

Joyce McCree

Tom McKenna

Dawn Sumner McShane

Nancy Mirabal

Franklin Oliver

Michael Palermo

Ina Pannell-Saint Surin

Turquoise LeJeune Parker

Charles Pinderhughes

Mike Radow

Marisol Ruiz

Billy Rutherford

Sally Stanhope

Lucy Sieczka

Greg Wickenkamp

Nelva Williamson

If you are interested in serving as a breakout group facilitator, complete the Volunteer Interest Form. We ask that you attend at least two classes in advance of volunteering. 

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