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Sept. 2, 1885: Rock Springs Massacre

Time Periods: Industrial Revolution: 1877 - 1899
Themes: Asian American, Immigration, Labor, Racism & Racial Identity

On Sept. 2, 1885, 150 white coal miners in Rock Springs, Wyoming, brutally attacked their Chinese coworkers, killing 28, wounding 15 others, and driving several hundred more out of town.

Learn more in the article “The Rock Springs Massacre” by Tom Rea and in the book Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism by James W. Loewen.

Rock Springs Massacre | Zinn Education Project

Massacre of Chinese immigrants at Rock Springs, Wyoming, 1885. Source: Harpers Weekly.

Read “Burning Tulsa: The Legacy of Black Dispossession an article on teaching students about the legacy of dispossession when people of color are forced from their homes, land, and/or employment.