People’s History Tool Kit — Resources for Teaching Outside the Textbook

As the school year gets underway, we share this tool kit to help you bring people’s history to the classroom.

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Social Justice Books

Teaching for Change offers more than 50 lists of
social justice books by theme for children, teachers, and everyone else.


Victory for Mexican American Studies in Arizona: An Interview with Curtis Acosta
ACOSTA: Judge Tashima’s legal analysis was just exhaustive in how he connected all of the actions, both in the production and construction of the law as being highly motivated by racial animus, to the application, to the enforcement.
Taking the Fight Against White Supremacy into Schools
By Adam Sanchez
As a history teacher, there are times when the past reasserts itself with such force that you have to put aside your plans and address the moment. Charlottesville is one of those times.


Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples
JOIN US in abolishing Columbus Day and celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day in our classrooms, our schools, our communities, and our country.


Abolish Columbus Day Campaign — Donate! | Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History
“Time to Abolish Columbus Day” by Bill Bigelow
Sample school resolutions and campaign efforts
See where Columbus Day has been abolished
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