NW Conference on Teaching for Social Justice

 2019 Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice:
Rethinking Our Classrooms, Organizing for Better Schools

Saturday, October 19, 2019 — 8:00am – 4:30pm

Seattle, Washington

NWESJ Linda Workshop | The Zinn Education Project

Linda Christensen presents a workshop to social justice educators.

Teachers, teacher educators, and community activists are invited to immerse themselves in a social justice teaching environment at the 12th Annual Northwest Conference on Teaching for Social Justice.

Two women smile and pose in front of a mosaic of the Earth

Nina Sethi and Gabby Arca, teacher presenters at NWTSJ.

Last year’s Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conference at Madison High School in Portland was a festival of ideas, resources, inspiration, and social justice. About 1,350 participants came from all over Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia — and some from farther away. Dozens of community groups shared resources. Keynote speaker Winona LaDuke was magnificent. As always, the center of the conference was the three sessions of workshops — more than 80 of them — offered by practicing educators. These were participatory, idea-rich, practical, and filled with insights about what it means to be a social justice educator.

The conference will be held at Chief Sealth International High School.

Visit NWTSJ.org for more information.

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