New Lesson on Reparations

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Tanehisi Coates CSPANWe have posted a new lesson, “How to Make Amends: A Lesson on Reparations,” by high school teachers Ursula Wolfe-Rocca, Alex Stegner, Chris Buehler, Angela DiPasquale, and Tom McKenna.

In this mixer role play, students encounter different examples of reparations — ranging from cash payments to land settlements to state apologies — from a variety of historical moments and places.

Students meet those who advocated for reparations, those who received them, and those who did not. They gain a greater understanding of the horizon of possible reparative policies and enough examples to begin to articulate their own beliefs about the appropriate context, goal, and form of reparations.

This lesson helps students prepare to study the modern debate over reparations — especially for African Americans. A lesson on HB 40 and reparations for African Americans is coming soon.

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