Giving Tuesday 2018

Many thanks to the 225 people who donated to support the Zinn Education Project on Giving Tuesday in 2018. Because of your generosity, more teachers will help students learn people’s history.

Donations made for Giving Tuesday totaled $25,668, exceeding our match pledge of $10,000. We are overjoyed to report that in all we raised $35,668!

The generous match was made by Dave Colapinto. Dave was a student of Howard Zinn’s at Boston University and currently works to promote the rights of whistleblowers.

To everyone who donated — whether $5 or $5,000 — we are truly grateful for your support. We are inspired to reach more educators and students with people’s history lessons you won’t find inside a textbook.

We loved reading the dedications and comments along with the donations. Here are some of them.

This donation is meant to honor Howard Zinn, the best teacher, who had a the modest goal of wanting to change the world. Now it is our job to continue in his footsteps. — Christine Fogler, Avon by the Sea, New Jersey

For all the beautiful, brilliant young people and their devoted educators. — Kim Tapio, Benton Harbor, Michigan

I am a teacher who uses the Zinn Education Project resources. This donation is in memory of Pamela Procuniar Goldberg. And in memory of my grandfather, Fred R. Trimboli, an undocumented immigrant, war hero, committed citizen, kind and generous soul. — Jonnel Licari, Port St. Lucie, Florida

To honor my peace-making mom, Betty. — Sarah McFarlane, Seattle, Washington

In honor of the incomparable Judy Richardson— Amelie Ratliff, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Teachers and students need this information to have a more comprehensive and multi-faceted understanding of US history. — George Hopkins, Charleston, South Carolina

The Zinn Education Project makes it possible to implement social justice education. — Khyati Joshi, Wayne, New Jersey

In honor of students at Thurgood Marshall High School in San Francisco. — Anne Ryan, San Francisco, California

In memory of my parents Monroe & Matilda Stein who taught me about racism when I was a child. — Michael Stein, Staten Island, New York

Rescue democracy from demogoues and fools. Teach the young the people’s history and the people’s hard earned rights. — an elementary school teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I was also a student of Howard Zinn’s at Boston University and had the privilege of being able to be with him in London during the opening of his play about Emma Goldman. Great man, great vision, great knowledge. I wish I had understood how lucky I was to have access to such a great historian. — Anonymous, Lowell, Oregon

Dedicated to the memory of Fred Hampton. — Anonymous, Las Vegas, Nevada

Howard Zinn was my idol and advisor at BU. I should have donated to Zinn Education Project a long time ago. — John Bluthardt, Boston, Massachusetts

Investing in an educated citizenry, hoping that we can get back from the precipice and stay true to the values espoused by the U S. We need voters who can discern reality from myth and propaganda. — Karolyn Holden, Reedsport, Oregon

Education is sorely lacking in teaching resources, my first exposure to Zinn didn’t come ’til junior year of college. True validated facts need to get to teachers. — Jean Englebach, Bellflower, California

With gratitude to all the teachers who are show up day after day, passionate about each child’s right to learn in a world of justice and peace. — Julie Olsen Edwards, Soquel, California

These donations will help us reach more teachers and students with people’s history lessons in 2019.

It is not too late. Please donate today.

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