TDIH Contributions by Emma Haseley

Emma Haseley is an occasional contributor to the This Day in History series. Here is a collection of events in people’s history that she has chronicled.
pictured: Newspaper clipping of the Wayland Town Crier for June 1954. Headline reads: “Public Hearing on Hale is Scheduled for June 8; School Committee Makes Charges.” Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe

June 25, 1954: Elementary School Teacher Fired in Red Scare

At the height of the anti-Communist Red Scare, Massachusetts second-grade teacher Anne P. Hale Jr. was removed from her position because of her prior membership in the Communist Party and her lack of “perception, understanding, and judgment necessary in one who is to be entrusted with the responsibility for teaching the children of the Town.”
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June 1, 1968: Founding of Drum and Spear Bookstore

First opened in 1968, Drum and Spear was the first endeavor of the Afro-American Resources, Inc. founded by SNCC organizers Charlie Cobb, Courtland Cox, and others. The bookstore quickly became a central hub of knowledge to “disseminate information by and about Black people in the African Diaspora.”
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