Engage Students in Climate Justice

Youth Climate Strike, SF, March 15, 2019. Source: Creative Commons.

Organizations around the country offer opportunities for young people to engage beyond the classroom with climate justice issues.

Browse the list of programs below that can support your students’ or your child’s environmental justice education. Find opportunities that range from specific actions and community service projects to six-week summer camps.

Alliance for Climate Education

Form an Action Team or join the ACE Youth Network. This organization offers self-driven project ideas and programmatic opportunities to connect with young people across the country who care about climate change.

Climate Generation

Youth Environmental Activists (YEA!), part of Climate Generation, provides mentorship to individual student leaders, as well as education and support for an entire school club. They help students choose a project, launch a school club, and plan an effective climate campaign.

Schools for Climate Action

Schools for Climate Action is a non-partisan, grassroots, youth campaign with a mission to empower schools to speak up for climate action in order to protect current and future generations. The campaign provides students with clear action-oriented information, including step-by-step procedure, to pressure school boards to pass climate action resolutions.

Sunrise Movement

Through Sunrise, students can volunteer as little or as much time as they have to commit at a local or national level. Sunrise supports student groups at schools, called Hubs, offers fellowships, provides free trainings, provides access to its organizing calls via Zoom, and organizes students for protests and activism throughout the year.

Contact the Zinn Education Project if you have suggestions to add to this list and/or feedback on any of the organizations listed.