The Zinn Education Project – Continuing the Work

By teacherken

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

It seems appropriate to begin with those famous words by George Orwell, because to me they explain the importance of the life and work of Howard Zinn, best known for his A People’s History of the United States: 1492-Present. That work was far from his only significant historical writing, nor did his productivity end when it was published in 1980.

His life and his work offered a different way of perceiving our history, one that was far more critical than traditional American histories, and thus far more honest.

The Zinn Education Project is the result of someone who wishes to remain anonymous, who after seeing the biographical film on Zinn, You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train, wanted to get Zinn’s work more widely known and more widely used.  Zinn, whose lectures he had attended while at Boston U in the 1970s, put him touch with Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change (two organizations all progressives should support), and the Zinn Education Project is the result.

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