Shawn Moore

The Zinn Education Project has filled a huge gap in my Earth and Environmental Science curriculum. I began looking into using cli-fi literature as a way of helping high school freshmen relate to the subject of climate change at the end of last year. This year, I am incorporating more resources from the Zinn Education Project, including The Thingamabob Game: A Simulation on Capitalism vs. the Climate, to help students see a clearer picture of climate change.

Climate change will be the most relevant scientific topic to their adult lives and giving them the perspective that the Zinn Education Project resources afford them is crucial to making them significantly better informed citizens for a better future. Too often, my conservative minded locale is able to close off the minds of students to the perspectives felt by others, especially those people in other parts of the world. I’m hopeful that the role-playing activities will afford my students the experience needed to be more empathetic and give them the resolve to take action on climate issues locally, nationally, and globally.