Nathan Tanner

I first came across the Zinn Education Project online in 2015. At the time I was searching for lesson materials and ideas to more fully integrate social justice into my state-mandated curriculum.

The first lesson I implemented in my classroom was Bill Bigelow’s Constitutional Convention Role Play. It was an instant success! In addition to giving students simulated practice negotiating and working as political actors, they engaged in critically thinking (and re-thinking) about the way the U.S. Constitution was created. Both my students and I were hooked!

The lesson was so successful, that students began consistently asking me when our next “simulation” would be. I have since used other lessons designed by Bill Bigelow, and frequently browse lesson materials at Zinn Ed and adapt them for my classes.

I am very appreciative of the resources available here for educators like myself, and the ways they have transformed my teaching and students’ learning.