Hayley Breden

For the past several years, I’ve had the joy of teaching AP U.S. History at my school.  It’s important to me that my students get a full, accurate picture of the people’s history of the United States, so I regularly use Zinn Education Project materials in my classes.

I’ve used the Seneca Falls, 1848 lesson several times. Last year, I took the time to locate multiple primary source documents from a diverse group of women to help students. These documents helped students build their primary source document analysis skills, and learn from multiple perspectives and experiences of women who lived during this time. As a class, we used the materials and role descriptions from the activity. Students also used additional primary source documents to add to their knowledge prior to the mock convention.

This lesson about women’s history provides my class with the historical context, as well as their personal connections to this history, to gain a full understanding of the complexity of the suffrage movement. Thank you, Zinn Education Project!