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Troubled Water: Saints, Sinners, Truths and Lies about the Global Water Crisis

Book - Non-fiction. Brooke Shelby Biggs and Anita Roddick. 2004. Compelling facts, figures, and illustrations about water in everyday life.
Themes: Climate Justice, Environment

troubledwaterAround the world, one billion people lack access to clean water.

Droughts, floods, and waterborne diseases kill tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of people (mostly children) every year. And huge multinational corporations see a profit opportunity unparalleled even by oil or gold.

From Bolivia to Britain, water supplies are being privatized and sold for profit, cutting millions off from the single most crucial human need.

Meanwhile, consumers in industrialized countries such as Italy, Britain, Australia, and the United States eagerly drink millions of liters of bottled water every day–some of which is less pure than the stuff flowing from their taps at home—at a cost of about one thousand times what tap water costs.

Climate Justice More Resources Ad | Zinn Education ProjectIn America, beef-flavored bottled water for dogs is sold; in Nigeria, you can buy a bottle of water guaranteed to make men more virile.

Why are the politics of water so skewed, and what’s being done about it? Britain’s outspoken environmentalist takes on the global water shortage, exploring the problems and solutions, and providing resources for ordinary readers to get involved. This book provides resources for ordinary readers to get involved.

ISBN: 9780954395933 | Published by Chelsea Green Publishing Company | Out of print.


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