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Upgrade Your Lesson Plans with These 5 Online Resources

Lesson planning is an art. A good lesson requires a fine balance of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), creativity, student buy in — and, of course, content. While public perception can reduce the role of teachers to mere conveyers of information — as if knowledge is spread through osmosis — the actual process of creating an engaging, innovative,... Read more »
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The Voting Booth

Book - Fiction. By Brandy Colbert. 2020. 304 pages. A novel for high school students that centers on voting rights -- weaving in a myriad of voter suppression tactics and the importance of everyone playing a role in fighting for the right to vote.
Time Periods: 21st Century
Themes: Voting Rights, African American
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Zinn Education Project

From ZINN EDUCATION PROJECT The Zinn Education Project promotes and supports the use of Howard Zinn’s best-selling book A People’s History of the United States and other materials for teaching a people’s history in middle and high school classrooms across the country. The Zinn Education Project is coordinated by two non-profit organizations, Rethinking Schools and... Read more »
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Arizona Teacher Embodies Educational Spirit of Howard Zinn

Tucson’s Mexican American Studies Director Sean Arce Wins National Zinn Education Award By Jeff Biggers While the Daily Show brilliantly reminded millions of viewers last night of the disgraceful racist elements behind the attack on Tucson’s acclaimed and now outlawed Mexican American Studies program, educators across the nation recalled a teaching moment. Sean Arce was... Read more »
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BustED Pencils (Press Logo) | Zinn Education Project

Howard Zinn and Hockey Pucks

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca of the Zinn Education Project talks about her article “What Sam Wineburg Gets Wrong About Teaching Howard Zinn’s A People’s History” and shares examples of the Zinn Education Project’s curriculum and pedagogy.
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The People Spoke and They Need to Speak Again

By Alan Singer As a social studies teacher, a political activist, and a historian, I am a big fan of Howard Zinn, and I very much enjoyed watching The People Speak on the History Channel Sunday night. Well-known and not so well-known actors read speeches, letters, and other primary source documents from the history of... Read more »
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People’s History Awaits Finley Students

Esmeralda Tello can’t wait to utilize a new set of history books in her social studies classroom at J. Taylor Finley Middle School. The books were presented to the teacher by the Zinn Education Project during a ceremony at the school late last spring. Copies of historian-author Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United... Read more »
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Who’s Afraid of “The Tempest”?: Arizona’s ban on ethnic studies proscribes Mexican-American history, local authors, even Shakespeare.

By Jeff Biggers As part of the state-mandated termination of its ethnic studies  program, the Tucson Unified School District released an initial list of books to be banned from its schools today.  According to district spokeperson Cara Rene, the books “will be cleared from all classrooms, boxed up and sent to the Textbook Depository for storage.” Facing a... Read more »
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Can educating kids about unions prepare them for the future of work?

By Bill Bigelow “Wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or get pinched.” That pretty much sums up the Irish-American “curriculum” that I learned when I was in school. Yes, I recall a nod to the so-called Potato Famine, but it was mentioned only in passing. Sadly, today’s high school textbooks continue to largely ignore the famine, despite the fact that it was responsible for unimaginable suffering and the deaths of more than a million Irish peasants, and that it triggered the greatest wave of Irish immigration in U.S. history. Nor do textbooks make any attempt to help students link famines past and present.
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