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Caribbean Connections: Overview of Regional History

Book – Non-fiction. Edited by Catherine Sunshine and Deborah Menkart. 1991.
Essential background reading to understand the history of the Caribbean.

Themes: Immigration, Latinx, US Foreign Policy

ccoAn informative, collection of essays, oral histories, poetry, fiction, analysis, interviews, primary documents, beautifully illustrated timelines and maps and interactive and interdisciplinary teaching aids on the history, politics, and culture of the Caribbean.

Includes essential background reading to understand U.S./Cuban relations and the Cuban revolution, plus The Arawaks and the Caribs; Bitter Sugar; African Resistance to Slavery; India to the Caribbean; Gunboat Diplomacy; and more.

Includes essays and/or poetry by Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Nicolas Guillen, Lucille Mair, Lourdes Casal, Howard Zinn, Jose Marti, Olaudah Equiano, Aime Cesaire, Medea Benjamin, and more.

Sections include:

  • The First Caribbean Peoples;
  • Conquest and Colonial Rule;
  • Winning Freedom; and
  • Building New Nations.

ISBN: 9781878554062 | Published by Teaching for Change.