Books: Non-Fiction, Grades 6-8

101 Changemakers: Rebels and Radicals Who Changed US History

Book – Non-fiction. By Michele Bollinger and Dao Tran. 2012. A collection of 101 brief and accessible profiles of rebels, radicals, and fighters for social justice.
Time Periods: All US History
Themes: African American, Asian American, Civil Rights Movements, Democracy & Citizenship, Disability, Immigration, Labor, Language Arts, Latinx, LGBTQ, Media, Native American, Organizing, Pacific Islander, Racism & Racial Identity, Social Class, Women's History
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After Gandhi

After Gandhi: One Hundred Years of Nonviolent Resistance

Book - Non-fiction. By Anne Sibley O'Brien and Perry Edmund O'Brien. 2009. Stories about 15 activists who continue in the tradition of Gandhi, written and illustrated for upper elementary and middle school.
Time Periods: 20th Century
Themes: Organizing, World History/Global Studies
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Angel Island: Gateway to Gold Mountain

Book - Non-fiction. By Russell Freedman. 2014. An account of Angel Island, California, the entry point for one million Asian immigrants in the early 20th century.
Time Periods: 20th Century, World War I: 1910 - 1919, Prosperity, Depression, & World War II: 1920 - 1944
Themes: Asian American, Immigration
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Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage

Book - Non-fiction. By William Loren Katz. 2012. History book for ages 10 to adult that traces relations between Blacks and American Indians since the time of the conquest.
Time Periods: All US History
Themes: African American, Native American, Racism & Racial Identity, Slavery and Resistance, Wars & Related Anti-War Movements
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Caribbean Connections: The Dominican Republic

Book - Non-fiction and Fiction. Edited by Gallin, Glasser, Santana. 2005. 250 pages. Reader-friendly overview of the history, politics, and culture of the fourth largest Latino community in the United States.
Time Periods: 20th Century
Themes: Art & Music, Immigration, Latinx, Sports, US Foreign Policy, Women's History, World History/Global Studies
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Cause: Reconstruction America, 1863-1877

Book – Non-fiction. By Tonya Bolden. 2014. 138 pages. One of the few non-fiction texts on Reconstruction aimed at young readers, Cause is a strong alternative to the textbook treatment of the era.
Time Periods: Reconstruction Period: 1865 - 1876
Themes: African American, Reconstruction, Racism & Racial Identity
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Chew on This

Book - Non-fiction. By Eric Schlosser. 2006. Geared to the young consumer, takes a bite out of fast-food industry.
Time Periods: 20th Century, 2001 - Present
Themes: Food
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Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice

Book - Non-fiction. By Phillip Hoose. 2010. 160 pages. The story of Claudette Colvin, a teenager who refused to give up her seat in the year leading up to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
Time Periods: 20th Century, Cold War: 1945 - 1960
Themes: Civil Rights Movements, Women's History
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Before Columbus: The Americas of 1491

Book - Non-fiction. By Charles C. Mann. 2009. An illustrated book for young readers based on 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus.
Time Periods: Colonization: 1492 - 1764
Themes: Food, Native American
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Dark Sky Rising (Book) | Zinn Education Project

Dark Sky Rising: Reconstruction and the Dawn of Jim Crow

Book - Non-fiction. By Henry Louis Gates Jr. with Tonya Bolden. 2019. Readers trace the rise and fall of racial equity during Reconstruction as increasingly violent white supremacy and new forms of oppression take hold at the turn of the 20th century.
Time Periods: 19th Century, Reconstruction Period: 1865 - 1876, Industrial Revolution: 1877 - 1899, Turn of the Century: 1900 - 1909
Themes: African American, Reconstruction, Civil Rights Movements, Democracy & Citizenship, Organizing
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This Day in Civil Rights History

Book - Non-fiction. By Horace Randall Williams and Ben Beard. 2009. A full page description of a key event in the history of the Civil Rights Movement for each day of the year.
Time Periods: People’s Movement: 1961 - 1974, All US History
Themes: Civil Rights Movements
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