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Teaching Labor History in Era of Teacher Uprisings

We are inspired by educators from West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado, and beyond, who are standing up for the schools teachers and students deserve. These historic struggles are part of a wave of teacher rebellions sweeping the country — especially in "red states," where years of tax cuts have decimated public school funding.
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Labor Songs

Teaching Activity. By Bill Bigelow and Norm Diamond. 7 pages.
Students explore the power of songs to build solidarity and increase understanding. This is the final activity from Bigelow and Diamond’s labor history book, The Power in Our Hands, and draws on the other lessons.
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Women’s Labor Newspaper Digitized

For Women's History Month, we are pleased to share the digitized collection of the Voice of Industry newspaper. The Voice of Industry was a worker-run newspaper, published by young women from 1845-1848, who came to work in the factories in Lowell, Mass. Under the influence of the young labor leader Sarah Bagley, the paper was an uncompromising advocate for women’s rights, publishing pieces about marriage, suffrage, and equality.
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Labor Matters

Teaching Activity. By Teaching Tolerance.
Introduces students to the role of the labor movement in securing contemporary benefits such as the 40-hour work week, the minimum wage, and workplace safety regulations.
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